Eurolinguistics Conference 2017

European Philology and Societal Issues

Venue: Volkshochschule (Vhs) Donauwörth, Spindeltal 5, D-86609 Donauwörth, +49-906-8070,

Program (as of 1 Sep 2017)

Friday, 29 September 2017
12.00 opening of REGISTRATION office
15.00 WELCOME by Gudrun Reißer (Director of Vhs), Armin Neudert (Lord Mayor) and Joachim Grzega (Project Coordinator)
15.30 Joachim Grzega (Donauwörth/Eichstätt): Qualitative and Quantitative Comments on Peace and War from a Eurolinguistic Perspective
16.45 Wolfgang Dietrich (Innsbruck): Interpretations of the Many Peaces in History and Culture
17.30 Bea Klüsener (Wuppertal/Eichstätt): 120 Years of Dracula – Vampires and Other Blood-Suckers in European Literary and Non-Literary Discourse
18.15 European EDUTAINMENT and BUFFET (free of charge)

Saturday, 30 September 2017
09.00 Marlene Herrschaft-Iden (Passau): The Notion of Europe in British Parliamentary Discourse
09.45 Magdalena Szulc (Lublin): EUROJOS: Ein Projekt zur Erschaffung von kognitiver Definition bestimmter Begriffe im europäischen Vergleich
11.00 Bernhard Pöll (Salzburg): Some Comments on Pluricentric Languages in Europe
11.45 Rosa Maria Calafat Vila (Palma): Lenguas minorizadas europeas: texto y contexto – actitudes lingüísticas del hablante (European Minority Languages: Text and Context – Attitudes of Speakers)
12.30 LUNCH BREAK (individual charge)
14.15 Laura Ferrarotti (Rome): English in the Linguistic Landscape and Its Implications for Teaching
15.00 Andrea Reményi (Budapest): EU Integration Through a Possible New (Language) Teacher Exchange Programme
16.15 Manuela Ciprì (Rome): Stereotipi relativi al genere nella cultura europea
17.00 preparation of public event
17.30 public event (2 hours)
20.00 DINNER (individual charge)

Sunday, 1 October 2017

09.00 Joachim Grzega (Donauwörth/Eichstätt) & Bea Klüsener (Wuppertal/Eichstätt): New Ideas for Testing and Training Communicative Competence
10.00 Beyza Björkman (Stockholm): English as a European Lingua Franca in Professional Contexts
11.15 European EDUTAINMENT: Europe-related tour through Donauwörth
12.30 END